Jan 13 Trip – Day 8


Today is Day 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started the day with a visit to Hello American school, introduced Singapore to a bunch of kids and sat in for their class. They were really enthusiastic about learning the language and the younger ones sang along to songs. The trip lasted about 20 minutes and we headed back to Kolap 4.

Back at Kolap 4, we continued with our shelves and basketball court projects. We were given the tasks of sawing another 18 shelves for the girl’s room. Everyone was very careful with the measurements this time round as we knew how important precise measurements were in the building of the shelves. We also realised that the productivity level increased even with the lack of manpower because everyone knew what they were doing. Livia also learnt how to saw properly (YAYYYYYYYY)

We completed the basketball court and started a match immediately. The Cambodian kids were (still) better than us at basketball, showing their moves and owning us at bball.

After lunch came Blossom’s biggest challenge: cooking for 165 people. We were all thrown into Hell’s Kitchen and had to complete all our dishes before the campfire started at 5.30pm. At first, we were lost and unsure because we could not communicate with the kitchen staff to obtain the tools required for cooking. Then came our savior, a young, smart Cambodian guy who managed to translate our needs and began our fight for glory!!!!!!!!!!!! We chopped, fried, boiled, and realised that we didn’t have enough garlic. We hit a roadblock. Then came another Cambodian guy to save our day. He went out to buy 40 cloves of garlic for us and saved the day!!! Bao xiang, the kitchen started to smell good and we started to smell like the kitchen. We organised a long bean competition. Alicia came in first, Raimie came in second, Veron was in third place and Chin Hong the grandpa happily took the last position. “Mei You Oil Liao” said Xin Yi. That was when all hell broke loose (HELL’S KITCHEN FOR REAL LIAO). The worst thing was ,the Cambodian people couldn’t come to our rescue. Finally, John emptied his pockets and tasked Mango (one of the boys at the orphanage) to get the bottle of oil for us. All sweaty and proud of his achievement, Mango handed the bottle to us and we started spamming it into the food.

Raimie being Raimie


After blood, sweat and tears, we exited the kitchen with pots of sausages, egg, long beans, rice, and the AMAZING red bean soup with 3 packets of sugar.


Cambodian kids are dancing  queens and kings! Our eyes feasted on their dance moves while our mouths savoured the food that we had prepared earlier.

Delicious food!

Dancing to Oppa Gangnam Style!

Group photo!!! Courtesy of Cynthia

It’s time to say goodbye

I want to bathe



With much love and smells,


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