BUBBLY DAY 7 (This was Roy’s idea.)

Hello everyone, this is Bubbles!

Today is our second day at Kolap 4. It was another tiring day under the hot sun and many of us got sunburnt ): But the good thing is we finished our tasks a lot faster than expected! (Only because the people at the orphanage helped out ^^)

Here are what we did today:


We installed a different kind of shelves from the one in Widow’s Island this time. It was a 2-in-1 shelf cum table thing that we attached to their bed frame. We planned to make 46 of it at first but we ended up making 66 of them! 🙂


Bffs having fun… measuring planks.


1 saw vs. 7 pairs of eyes – EYE POWER AT ITS BEST.


Jerry screwing nuts…


Sick Chinhong is finally back in action.

Repairing the basketball court

The backboard of their basketball court needed to be repaired. We also helped to mark out the parameters of the court so that they can have proper games in the future.


How adorable. Hur.


CHILD LABOUR! Just kidding. Not.

And in between all the hard work, let’s not forget to have a little bit of fun.


Jiajin has a bright future as a shoe-shiner.


Bffs having fun (again.)


We were supposed to help them make a table on top of the shelves, but the guys from the orphanage ended up doing most of the work with much greater efficiency than we would have done (oops.) It was also very enriching because we learnt many interesting techniques of sawing and nailing that we never knew before.


The Cambodia youths at the orphanage


Because we worked very hard the past few days, we were treated to an international buffet at Tonle Bassac Restaurant. It was nice to finally not have to ask around for extra servings of packet food :))))



We also celebrated Raimie’s birthday! (again.) We intentionally piled lots of fruits onto his plate to make sure he has a healthy diet.


Buff Birthday Boy. Not. But he’s on his way.


Bubbles, signing off.

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