Day of games & Campfire night at Kolap 4 orphanage!

Hey everybody! Today was our first full day of interaction with the orphans from Kolap 4 orphanage. What better way to bridge with the orphans than a day of fun and games?

So today we had our time-tested ‘day-camp’, where we divided the orphans into small groups to play games ranging from Captain’s ball to origami to writing Christmas cards to making pinyatas, soccer and blindfolded treasure hunt. Being aware of our language barrier, we decided that non-verbal interaction through these games and activities would be more meaningful. We had fun teaching the orphans new skills and activities while facilitating fun for the kids.

As evening approached, the celebratory mood was in the air, as everybody anticipated the feast and the campfire fiesta. Since Singaporeans love food, we decided to share our love for food with the Cambodians by preparing a special dish of bubur chacha for everyone. Although it was hard to find the sweet potatoes that we are used to in Singapore, we made do with a local variety of sweet potato called ‘coconut potato’ and also some taro and yam. This is glocalisation indeed.

As usual, the campfire was a crazy night of fun for all, where the Cambodian kids once again amazed us with their Christmas dances, Michael Jackson dances, K-pop dances and traditional Khmer dances. Not to be outdone, we also put up two songs that we had prepared beforehand, which were ‘Winter Wonderland’ and ‘What faith can do’ respectively.

After that, most things were spontaneous as the mentors put up a dance to a Chinese tune and most of the younger orphans joined in the dance. We also had Wen Hui, Jingyi and Amelia putting up an impromptu Korean pop dance. From the Cambodians, we learned how to be flexible with our plans and enjoy the joys of spontaneity, as the campfire drew to its end amidst the shouts of joy and encore.

We also handed out stationery sets to bless the orphans, in order to encourage them to continue studying hard for a better future. As usual, they were full of gratitude for the simple things in life.

Tomorrow we shall visit Kolap 4 in the morning, followed by a visit to a Vietnamese slum, where Bun Rong (one of the Kolap 4 orphans) came from, followed by a visit to Hello American School to experience the kids’ after-school private English tuition then conclude the night with a sumptuous Japanese shabu shabu dinner. You’ll hear more from us tomorrow!

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