Serve Cambodia December 2011 first post

Hello everybody! We apologize for the late update as we were unable to get access to the internet for the past 5 days since we touched down in Cambodia. We spent the past 5 days in Cambodia on Rumdual Island (also know as Widows’ Island) where we helped to build the fence around a piece of land that is going to be developed as an ecotourism farm.

It was grueling to have to work under the hot sun for most of the days but the team was able to keep each other focused on the task. It was definitely not easy to transport the concrete pillars across the river, dig holes for the laying them, connecting the pillars with barb wires and concluding by putting cement on the nails. In addition, we also painted murals on the local school and it was a job well done given that different ones in the team took the initiative to take charge of the progress of the painting.

Other than these two projects, some of us in the team also got to teach the islanders basic first aid as most of them do not know how to take care of their wounds properly. Those who came with wounds also got their wounds dressed up so that their conditions would not worsen. The islanders were also taught how to make dream-catchers by some of our mentors so that they could earn additional income through craftwork. It was heartening to see how glad some of them were after having picked up a new skill 🙂

Today was our last day on the island and we had a fun time playing with the children in the morning as they do not have lessons on Saturdays. Our team also prepared a special lunch for the children on the island and distributed goodie bags to them. On the whole, we were really blessed by the islanders during our stay on the island and no words can describe how much we had gained from our experience over there. Do approach us to find out more! Good times also seem to pass by quickly and before we knew it we had to say goodbye to the islanders. It was a fruitful stay on the island and we did learn much about the place and the people from the island tour conducted on the second day.

We checked into our hotel this afternoon and had some time to rest before we headed for the Mekong River Cruise. We were a bit behind time and did not manage to catch the sunset but it was definitely an experience to be on the river with a bunch of funky people enjoying the wind and the food! We even went to the supermarket to buy some basic necessities that we will be distributing to a number of households situated in one of the slums.

That’s all for now. We are going to rest and awaiting a great day ahead at the Kolap 4 orphanage tomorrow!

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