Serve Cambodia Day 6

Well, surprisingly, yesterday was not the last day we got to see the orphans. This morning, our mentors decided to make one last trip to the orphanage before our departure. In my perspective, today was the best day of the 6 days we spent at the orphanage. Being in the storage team, most of the 6 days we had in the orphanage was solely doing work. I am glad that we had 1 last day to really interact with the orphans. Ming zhu managed to organise a captains ball game which most of the orphans participated in. Seeing such enthusiasm displayed by the orphans really warmed my heart. I hope that our cca would be given more chances to come back here to visit these orphans.


Although today is the last day serving and helping the orphans in cambodia, we had many memories that would be deeply etched in our mind FOREVER. Especially when we are going to go on board the bus, many orphans came up to us to hug and thank us for what we did some even dont want us to leave. This made us feel that we would want to come here again to help orphans and cambodia.

-Lipidfatass Yew Teck

Today, we visited Kolap 4 for the last time on this trip. After days at the orphanage, I was really glad to see that the children at the orphanage were appreciative of what we’ve done for them, such as repairing the benches and building the 5 shelves. Despite their background, a poor and humble one as compared to ours, I noticed that they seemed rather happy during our 6 days here. They didn’t have much, but it seemed to me that they treasured what little they had. The time spent with the kids at the orphanage reminded me that sometimes, we need to just worry less and enjoy life, like they do. When we left the orphanage for the last time, the kids crowded about us, saying their goodbyes and thanking us, and I was quite touched by their response to us. Despite us being total strangers, they welcomed us into their homes for the week, and were happy to have us there. This sort of simplicity is something that is quite sorely lacking in Singapore, and I will surely miss it.

– Teck Chye

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