Last Day in Cambodia

Today is our last day in Cambodia . We visited the Tuong Sleng Museum that was once the killing fields during the Pol Pot regime. We have learnt many things that happened during that time.  Many people were captured and interrogated in such places even if they did not do anything wrong.  The place was very eerie and there were many photographs of the various torture methods that were used on the prisoners during that period of time. I cannot wait to get home. (Elvan)

After visiting the Genocide museum, we went to the Russian Market. It sort of reminds me of Bugis in Singapore, the only difference there is that you can bargain! It was a fun experience as we hardly get to bargain in Singapore. For example, we wanted to but two dresses that cost 8usd each. We tried to bargain but the shopkeeper did not give in. So we walked away but the shopkeeper called us back and we got the dresses at 6usd each. Next time i come cambodia, i’m so gonna go there and shop till i drop! See you guys soon!


Btw, Hancong is sick! So he wont be posting here today. So sad. But it’s okay! I believe his heart is always here! LOL. Bye!~ -Huishan

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