Campfire Night

Today is supposedly the last day we will be spending at Kolap 4 and get to see the kids there. It was kinda heartwarming seeing everything falling into place, from the time we just stepped into the orphanage till now where we really made friends with the kids there. The guides and I went to help out in cooking the food for campfire. It really shocked me when I saw the condition of the kitchen, houseflies all around the sink and everything. But most importantly, Ms Foo brought me to see the dorm of Burong’s brothers. They were then preparing for their exams and could really communicate in fluent english. Kudos to them! Anyways, the campfire went on successfully. We played games, performed High School Musical for the kids there and also saw their traditional and hip hop dance. It was AMAZING. Seriously, I have never seen the guys in the orphanage dance so well. And I think that this is something people outside the orphange will never get to see. Then comes the power speech. Although it wasn’t very powerful, I believe that many of the kids will really change their mindset towards education and not take the things we give them for granted. The efforts we put in the past few days will definitely receive recognition and I think that all of us benefited one way or another.

p/s: I like bunrong. 🙂 (Nicole)

I enjoyed myself during this trip to Cambodia. Through this OELP, I have learnt to appreciate what I have and not take things for granted. I have also gained much from interacting with the Cambodian kids.  The children at Kolap 4 had a poor studying condition and many of their facilities were run down. However, these children were very motivated to learn more and did not stop asking questions. I want to learn from them and change my attitude. It is only by being inquisitive that we are able to learn from others. I feel that this service learning trip has definitely shaped my character for the better. 😀 -kunyou

Today was the campfire night at Kolap 4. First , we played games with the kids before the campfire start. We played “The Squirrel Game” and “H2O”. Everyone had tons of fun. However, a pity was not everyone had a chance to get into the action so i could see fed up expressions on some of the younger kids faces. Later, it was time for dinner. We had a type of white noodles that is to be missed with curry made by the people at Kolap 4. Dessert was banana in some pink sauce. After the sumptuous dinner, it was showtime for us. We danced to “High School Musical” and it was quite fun for me. However, we were later owned by the Cambodian kids with their traditional dance. Not only that, they further “embarrassed” us with a awesome hiphop dancer.After all the dance, it was Jonathan’s turn to shine by presenting a Power Speech to the kids there. He encouraged them to study hard although it was in a rather funny way. Later, we gave out the goodie bags we packed yesterday and it was the end of our wonderful campfire. A girl i played with gave me a flower and some light sticks. Although they were ordinary things, they were very significant as they represent the gratitude the Cambodian kids had towards us for going there. Ok i am quite tired now, not to mention i haven bath so i shall stop now 🙂

PS Have a nice day 8D Wei Li

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