Day 3 Enrichment day

Today was a fulling day as it was children’s day in Cambodia. As part of the enrichment gfilroup, we had an enrichment day especially for the children there and it included stations like rock painting, origami, balloon sculpting and others. We hope that through such activities, the children there would be exposed to new things and is able to learn from it. This enrichment day can be counted as a success as the kids had lots of fun. Today was also a learning point for me as it is the first time organising such an activity and the children smiles while they were playing the games were simply heartwarming, which makes all our hard work worth it. Tomorrow would be our last day at Kolap 4 and it will also be our campfire night. I hope the campfire tomorrow would be a blast and that the kids would enjoy it thoroughly.  – Dilys

Today we went to the orphanage in the morning and engaged them in various activities like balloon sculpturing and face painting etc. under the instructions of the enrichment group. They were specially carried out today as it is children’s day in Cambodia. Mixing around with the children and playing with them was really fun, seeing the smiles on their faces. After visting BunRong(?)’s house later in the day, I realised how lucky I am to be born Singaporean, being able to have a proper home to live in, good education, good food and clothing and being able to live with my parents, not having to stay in an orphanage. I am more thankful for what I have and I will treasure them from now on. -Darren 😛

Today, we went to the orphanage and engage the kids with activities as it was their children’s day that day. The kids have lots of fun trying out the differenty activites we have for them. These includes balloon sculpturing, face painting as well as bubble blowing. Seeing the kids’ smile was my greatest satisfaction in this event. Through this event, I learnt about the importance of not taking things for granted. These kids seldom have the chance to try out simple games and yet we are asking for more back in singapore. Through this experience, i will learn to treasure what i have and not take things for granted in the future.-lan (Kar Leong)

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