Day 3- Work :]

Today was an awesome and fun day, i enjoyed myself a lot. At the start of the day, everyone was familiar with the place, so they immediately started work. I helped Jonathan to put new hooks up for the orphans, so that they could have more space to put their things. We had very good teamwork and managed to put many hooks up in a short time.I have learnt that to have good team work we have to be able to understand and accept each others weak points. Next, we played frisbee. I realised that the orphans learn very fast and the moment we used the move they would learn it. The older orphans were very good at frisbee and did a lot of cool moves. i decided to learn from them and so i copied their cool moves. After awhile i managed to throw the frisbee downwards and it would come back up. i felt that it was very cool and i am very proud of myself. Overall, i had a really fun day and i learnt a lot.


Today was a both a fulfilling and tiring day, with both ups and downs in the day. With our previous failures yesterday where our dimensions for the storage team’s shelves were so off that the side of the shelve were about twice the correct length. As this was after about a whole day of measuring and trying our best to define the measurements and after seeing our apparent failure in the construction, it was a huge morale dampener which killed our work attitude for a while. However with reassurance from our mentors and group mates that the first shelve can’t really be perfect but it is in fact the very first stepping stone, the foundation of all our later works that will be based and dependent on this, therefore this very first “failure” is a very important part of all plans and persistence is of the utmost importance in the completion and success of every plan.

-Warren Chew Yen

Work here in Cambodia is much tougher than normal work back in Singapore. Fortunately, our shelves were going much better than yesterday, a lot of thanks to the Cambodia orphans that were helping us with the drilling and sawing. That allowed us to get our 1 cupboard-a-day efficiency to 3 cupboards-a-day. The weather’s pretty different from Singapore here in Cambodia with short spans of raining now and then but it’s still pretty hot. Of course, watching our friends play frisbee while we were working on a bunch of measurements was kinda sad but I was determined to get our cupboards done and done well. Food was pretty good and much different from Singapore. Language posed as a barrier as the orphans would be conversing in their language and us being lost in their foreign tongue. Thank god, some of them could speak English quite well so they could translate for us. One surprising thing would be the strength the Cambodians had. Despite being small and skinny, they carried the wood with no difficulties while we were struggling with it. I learnt that we cannot judge people just by their background and their looks but what they can actually achieve and the effort they put in.

-Zhi Yang

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