ServeCambodia Day 2

Today was a fun and exciting day. My group was in charge of cleaning the girls’ and guys’ dorm, and it was very fun because many of the cambodian guys and girls offered their help and were willing to do things for us. In the end, with their help, we finished everything we needed to do quickly and still had time to play frisbee with the kids. Playing with the kids was also fun because they were very enthusiastic and were willing to learn the skills of the game from us. Therefore, we are very happy that our efforts have paid off and we have managed to do something for them. We will continue doing our best tomorrow. -Brandon

Today was a fun day, the Cambodian children there are very friendly and very active, we played Frisbee together very happily. We also experienced new things, like catching a rat. We also did many other things which challenged us both mentally and physically, but also through this we learnt to put our mind over matters.

We met many problems along the way, such as forgetting to bring our group logistics. This problems challenges us to stay calm and cool so as to be able to think of the best solutions to our problems, and our group handled this quite well. I hope that tomorrow we will be able to accomplish even more. -Benson

Today was a fruitful day as our group managed to clean the girl and boys’ dormitories ahead of time and thus managed to spend the remaining time socializing with the kids in the orphanage. Although it is only our second time meeting them, they played and interacted with us the way friends do. They were not shy in their actions at all and just rushed ahead to tickle us or chase us around. At first, we were rather surprised by the enthusiastic actions of the children but soon managed to interact with them the same way. Therefore, through this day, not only have we managed to help the boys and girls in the orphanage clean their respective dormitories, we have also managed to socialise with the children. We look forward to the next day and hope that we would be able to accomplish the same desired results tomorrow.  -Si Wai

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  1. Eunice says:

    Hello Guides/Scouts/Ventures and the teachers and mentors over at Kolap4!

    It’s really heartwarming to see the daily updates and photographs (upload more of the kids please! (: ). Many of us here in Singapore really miss the kids there and hope they’re doing well. Hope you guys manage to complete the things you have planned, and have some fun with the kids too! Take care and we hope to hear more good news (:

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