Day 1 in Cambodia

Things got interesting today, when we got to the orphanage it was rainy, with a few drops of rain every few minutes.While we thought it would have dampened the feelings of the children, we were proven otherwise. The children in fact,  began to play football in the rain, something that Singaporean children would avoid. Most astonishingly was that more children came out of the dormitories to play in the rain than when it was sunny.

-Zi Wei

Today was Pretty insightful for most of us who went to the orphanage. The Children there did not understand much English, but basic communication was possible. One thing i found interesting about them was about how they resembled the younger (and less cooped up) children of Singapore, especially when they were playing in the rain. The wild happiness and fun was incomparable, to whatever I could find in my current life.  I felt rather disappointed when I compared this with the pragmatic lifestyle in Singapore. I found such pure happiness and joy within this young children. I felt today was quite interesting, and I also got my 1st friend, many great photos and introduced them to the term AWESOME!!! Thats all I have to say, by the way THIS IS ACHSUM!!!

Bob the Awesome (Wu Wenyi)

Today was quite an eye-opener for me.. When we got to the orphanage and wanted to take pictures with the kids there, many kids swarmed to the camera. It was almost like Singaporeans flooding to queue up for free stuff LOL! However, this also made me realise how fortunate we are, in the sense that we see these kinds of things so often that we start taking them for granted, unlike these kids. -Reuben

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3 Responses to Day 1 in Cambodia

  1. Edmund Koh says:

    Hi RV scouts & guides, RV teachers and mentors,

    Hope u guys & girls will have a wonderful & enjoyable experience staying in a totally new environment, particularly since most students would be travelling without their parents.
    This trip helping the less fortunate in Cambodia I’m sure the Scouts & Guides of RV will return home with a deeper appreciation for what they have and enjoy in Singapore.

    Edmund Koh

  2. sunji says:

    Hi wenyi, your grandma and I are very glad to read your journal online. we want to know further details about the trip of serve Cambodia , such as orphans and your life, diet, and everything you seen and heard. we love you and expect to read your feelings ,views and experiences from daily activities? Greetings to everyone. you are the best! mum

    • The orphans were awesome, the lodging is awesome, the food was awesome, and etc etc. I felt very awesome and my experinces were inspiring, humbling and awesome. And of course I am awesome xD

      From: Bob the awesome (wu wenyi)

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