A Pre-Trip post!

Hello! Huishan here(: Like what the title suggests, we are going to Cambodia again! We’ve got 4 days left before we take our luggages and fly towards the North (6 degrees to be exact, HAHA), and 1293Km away from our homeland Singapore! I believe every RVrians going for this trip are also feeling quite excited about it! We have spent about a month +++ together, doing the plannings that we want to carry out over at Cambodia.

This trip (29 May 2011 – 5 June 2011), we have 21 students from RV scouts & guides, 4 wonderful RV teachers, and of course, 4 lovely mentors from W.A.D Club! (HAHA! ^^ Lol, okay, you can ignore the word in italics; though it’s quite hard to >.<) To all parents and viewers, don’t worry! I will not be the one who will be posting everyday! Each and every student are scheduled to post a blogpost as part of their reflection. Soooooo, you WILL BE able to view what your child/friend/classmate/schoolmate/etc. experiences daily serving at Kolap 4! So do stay-tuned to the posts that we are going to post on the trip itself!

Alrighty, shall end here and look forward to what the other’s have to say on the trip itself! Ta-ta! ^^

P.s. I came actually to try and create an archive… HAHAHA. Bye!

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1 Response to A Pre-Trip post!

  1. John Huang says:

    To Huishan and team: I’m excited you guys are going and really wish i could go with you guys, if not for work. I miss that beautiful country and the lovely orphans there. All the best to the team in these last days of packing and preparation!

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