Third day and the last day in kolap 4!

hey viewers, we apologise for the late post! we were quite busy yesterday and the day before, and the internet was screwed up, so cannot post. 😦

But still, we are here again to blog to you an awesome post! 🙂

21st December, Day 6 (Day camp and campfire night at Kolap 4)

The morning of this faithful day consisted of fixing the light bulb in the library toilet. We are really grateful to Dolla, an older one in Kolap 4, for helping us and getting the light bulbs too. TOUCHED MAXXXX. 😀 He wasn’t even oblighed to help us and could have just stayed in the dormotories, shake leg and watch teevee.

Lunch was rice and chicken with sugar cane juice.

After lunchwas the day camp, but there were less people taking part in the camp then we expected and we have to change our initial plans and most of the camp was spent waiting for the people to come in groups to the stations. Even so, the children were very excited and enthusiastic cabout the stations and tried their best t0 get all the stamps on their “Day Camp passport”, so it was very encouraging 🙂

Sadly, we had to pack the station up at 3.20 pm then make our way to the slum area of the city( the irony). Our intention was to visit one of the children, Bun Rong’s mother as well as to bring some daily necessities over to them. Thus, we set off as a team with the 3 brothers(ie, BunRong, Dolla and Seila) to the village that they came from. It was quite hard not to be affected by all that we experienced there, especially after realizing that we didn’t have enough goodie bags to go around and it was hard to decide who they would go to. We merely prepared 20 bags wheresa there are more than 100 households. June said something that gave us much to think about, which was the fact that the slum was actually situated in the middle of the capital, and she asked us to think about what the other slums in Cambodia would be like. Our translator also mentioned about the probability of relocating there households if the area is needed for development.

Dinner was served in quite a grand fashion with thables and chairs being pulled our especially for special occasion as well as some decorations and sound systen! Everyone seemed to enjoy having together at a table and the children also got a treat from the team(:

The campfore was super duper fun, with our experienced emcees, weichen and eunice bringing us through the songs, games and performances. The children also put up exciting and cute performances for Christmas.

Our team also put up a performance of 2 songs, ‘ Sing’ and ‘You raise me up’ to give a perfect round up for the campfore. 11 Y5 Ventures also danced  ‘Cheng Yao’ to spice up the campfire.

After which we headed back to the hotel. As today is the last working day, bidding goodbye was hard and long. Both the volunteers and the children were very upset knowing that tomorrow is the last day with each other.

Guess all of us understood the meaning of ‘ Goodbye is the hardest word.’

22 December 2010 ( The Last day in Kolap 4)

We bid farewell with the children in the morning and all of us left the orphanage with a heavy heart ( and swollen eyes). We’re sure everyone will be taking back lessons learnt from this trip and the love and concern received from the children here.

After Goodbye was a visit to the National Museum where we were showed the different religious history of Cambodia as well as the artefacts from then. Then, we went for a 2 hours shopping trip at a local Russian market.

Dinner was served at an international buffet restaurant, which was very filling and satisfying!

2 groups will be heading back to Singapore today, see you back there! 😀

 Blogged by SERVE Cambodia 2010, December trip Group 5. (John Chong, Wei Chen, QiuYan, Cynthia and JiaYin)



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