Second day at Kolap 4

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HELLOOOOOOOO, the awesome group 4 is here! (Amanda, Yuning, Zhiwei, Shaohao, Yuting and June ;D)

After breakfast and buying of logistics, we headed off to Kolap 4 to continue with our work plans. For our group, we finished building all four shelves. Not very pro but we all very gan3 dong4 that we finished what we aimed to. WOOOOOO :D! Even though, some of us got sot dian4 by the electric saw. But are now alive and kicking.

Want to thank the mentors for treating us sugarcane juice for lunch ;D

Compared to yesterday, we had a lot more time to interact with the kids, as everything was done fast and furious. Shaohao says ‘The kids are cute!”

Group 1 managed to finish two swings today, which the kids were exhilarated to play with 😀 Group 2 completed the cleaning of all the dormitories. Group 3 painted the railings outside the orphanage. Group 5 fixed up the mosquito nets for the toilets and continued on with their interview. WOOOOOOOO ;D!

Xin ku da jia le!

We ended our day at Kolap 4 early to accompany the kids to Hello American School, where they have their night English classes. Shaohao thinks that the students are all very hardworking. Zhiwei thinks that the teachers there are very helpful. Yuning thinks that their lessons are very fun. Yuting thinks that it’s great that the Kolap 4 kids get to learn English. Amanda thinks that the students are very humble and were very shy due to our presence.

After that, we went off for our steamboat dinner! WOOOOOOO :D! All of us think that “It was AWESOME!” Now here we are, sticky and sweaty ‘cos we sacrificed our bathing time to blog for all of you. Don’t be too touched lah.

Tomorrow will be the day camp and campfire night. All of us are really looking forward to having fun with all the kids, even though we will be building even more shelves again. How time flies, tomorrow is the last work day we have at Kolap 4 and we’ll really miss the kids.

We’re off to Zzzz. Byeeeeee!

That’s all folks :D!



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1 Response to Second day at Kolap 4

  1. Miss Ang says:

    Hello Ventures/Scouts and RVians. Really glad to see you guys doing meaningful work and having fun with the kids. That’s truly education in action. Merry Christmas and see you next year! 😀

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