Widows’ Island for past two days

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Sorry for the lack of update yesterday, we were on Widows’ Island and hence the lack of wireless connection.

It was freezing cold on the island (24 degrees Celsius actually!), contrary to what we expected. Many of us were freezing because of the lack of preparation! 😦 so we hugged and cuddled close to stay warm HAHAHA just joking.

We arrived on Widows’ Island on Friday afternoon after the buying of logistics. The children and villagers (& goats!) welcomed us with lots of affection! 😀 We were brought on a tour around the island to see how life is like on Widows’ Island, and we also got to feed some sheep along the way! After the tour, we went back to the school compound in which we also bunked in, and had lunch. With stomachs full, we began on our first work plan!

As a team, we did tasks such as cleaning, repairing and varnishing furnitures, cleaning and reorganizing the library books, cleaning the classroom, putting up mosquito nets and performing first aid on the kids who had insect bites and minor cuts on them. It was quite a fruitful day as our team managed to complete most of the tasks in one afternoon.

For dinner, group 4 (THANK YOU GROUP 4! :D) cooked a wonderful meal for all of us. We all ate in a circle in the dark and saw fireflies and stars! WOO! We then had a time of reflections but had to shift indoors because everyone was freezing to death. After reflections, we practiced our campfire item and songs, and everyone became high and bursting with energy again! Friendship dance was fun. 🙂

Everyone had a good night rest in a COOL (22 degrees Celsius) environment, and had a fabulous breakfast (again, thank you group 4!) with MILO! We then continued with our second work plan and finished our remaining tasks. We also got to mingle with the kids through an impromptu day activity. Soon, it was time to bid goodbye to the villagers after packing up. It was quite an emotional sight as everybody hugged the kids whom we had just made friends with before boarding the boat and waving goodbye.

After returning to the mainland, we headed towards Kolap 4, with some stops along the way due to the heavy traffic. When we reached Kolap 4, some of the second-timers were very excited to be reunited with the kids again. However, we were greeted by an empty orphanage as most of the kids were either in school or attending a wedding as told to us by Selena. Our team continued to recce the place and make final changes to the future work plans. Some of us got to play games (H2O, monkey, basketball..) with the kids while waiting for the bus to arrive. It was fun although there were few kids left! 🙂 We super look forward to seeing the remaining kids tomorrow!

We then headed towards the supermarket and bought ALOT of snacks and drinks. We also pampered ourselves with Swenson ice cream after a whole day of hard work. Some of them even ordered the large ice cream bowl (Earthquake!) 😛 while the rest had single scoops. Soon after, we had dinner at a beautiful Khmer-Thai restaurant (the deco was super homely! :D). Two people ordered milk-tea and found it too milky hahaha! The complimentary drink we had smelled and tasted like marshmallow! :O

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to wash up and meet our individual groups for reflection. And here we are now typing this aweeesome post for you! 😀 muahahaha

Everyone is well and happily fed! 😛 Okay, it’s been a tiring day and now it’s time for bed. It’s 12:00am Cambodian time now :O! Good night, sweet dreams and SLEEP TIGHT! :*

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4 Responses to Widows’ Island for past two days

  1. Boon Siong says:

    Looks like you all are doing good and having a great time there!

  2. Mingzhu says:

    Hey guys..
    Glad to know that u are enjoying every part of ur trip… ha have an awesome time there! Period!

  3. yi le says:

    hey serve cambodia december people hello! i’m yi le from rv i went in june (: hope yall had fun so far! 😀
    I’ve been to that restaurant before the food is (Y) super goodddddd

    to sharon: LOL (this is so weird but anyone that sees this please tell sharon/shaohao/jerome to read this thanks!) hey Alex says he wants to pick yall up and have supper tgth! pls skype him/fb him (since he’s always on fb im nt worried he wont see) abt th details asap PLSPLSPLS thanks! oh anyw jerome coming back earlier than yall alex hopes he can stay as far as possible also heh. kay thats all please try to contact us kay 😀

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