Day 1


Hihi!! Greetings from Cambodia!

Check out our pictures above!

We’ve arrived safely in Phnom Penh! Now we’re at the hotel, and things are going well. We arrived at the international airport of Cambodia’s capital and it’s great that things have gone as smooth as my shaven chin. There’s no need to worry for our safety as the people here are taking great care of us (like our responsible mentors). We actually had 4 meals today!! (Breakfast + lunch + dinner on plane + dinner)!

We’ll be heading off to Widow’s Island tomorrow, braving those commando mosquitoes and the hot weather! Don’t worry though! We have mosquito coil and sleeping bags! Plus we can always count on our mentors to feed the mosquitoes full beforehandJ Don’t worry about us if we don’t skype back tomorrow because there’s no internet at the island. But we will be fine.

Lastly, we will keep healthy and happy. We will update more after we survive the island!

Bb J

TingXiang : Hi mum! J hope you are checking this! Your daughter is healthy and alive (ready to feed the mosquitoes at the island:D) see you soon!

SHARON: hihi mum dad sis and auntie! I miss you all! J seeya! ❤

Glenda: Hi mei~ Say hi to everyone at home, I miss y’all! Everything’s well so don’t worry! Take care! J

Felix: hi, you know things are ok when I get to bathe:D

Wang Zi: Hi see ya’ll at the Christmas eve party at Buckley game room ❤

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3 Responses to Day 1

  1. Glad to see you guys happy and excited. A good beginning & high morale is always important to a successful service-learning trip!

    John Huang

  2. Hoo Chee How says:

    Hey, i’m chee how from november batch. hope to see everything is alright. Anyway if it’s possible, help me tell weichen to check his fb! tyvm have fun and jiayou!

    • Hello Chee How, glad to see you log on to check on the Dec team. I’m sure you miss the kids and the experience haha. I think weichen will definitely check this blog tonight and see your comment. Cheers!

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