Updates on Nov team on Widows’ Island

Hey everyone, so far there has been no update from the November team. By default, that means everything is going according to plan and is smooth.

If you look at the itinerary,by now the November team is just about to wrap up their first day of service work at Widows’ Island. Right now they will be soaking in the awesome sunset on that rustic rural island. Soon they will begin their adventurous night staying at a newly-built school on this kampong island (a first for many indeed)

There is no internet connection on the island (it is literally a kickback to the 1950s & 1960s Singapore) so don’t expect any updates on the blog tonight.

Tomorrow the team may get a chance to update the blog one last time before flying back to Singapore.

If there are no further updates, do look forward to reuniting with your friend and your child at Changi Airport Terminal 1 on Tuesday (30th Nov) 12.10am (Singapore time). The flight number is Jetstar 3K596. See you on the first few minutes of Tuesday.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of how Widows’ Island looks like

-John 28/11/2010 6.35pm

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