Day 6 Happenings!

Hi all,

Knowing that there have been a shortage of photos, we shall start off with some photos for today’s post!!

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Today marks the last day of our service work at Kolap 4, and we ended off with a party/campfire at the orphanage. We were served Cambodian noodle, glutinous rice with Taro while we responded by making our very own Tang Yuan for the people at Kolap 4.

Time really flies and we are already nearing the end of our 8 days stay in Cambodia. We believed that everyone in the team, mentors inclusive, have gained precious memories and experiences.

Today’s blog post is done by the trio of Lois, Yude and Chee How (aka Xiaopang)

harro everybody! LOIS, YUDE AND XIAOPANG AS BLOGGERS TODAY!  (: today was less of a working day for us participants because it comprised of more fun and games. we held a fantastic funfair organised by the awesome enrichment team and the orphans had alot alot alot of fun!

now to the entertaining part. we had our campfire with no fire. that may sound lame, but it was definitely a entertaining one. one of the bloggers today (the handsome one) was the emcee for today and had alot to share.
emcee: “it was fun.”
while the participants said: “it was high like high tea”

most importantly, we performed our much anticipated all for one and 5 colours in her hair. all of us danced exceptionally well, esp xiaopang yude lois though we didnt know how it happened. our dance may not seem as professional as the cambodia kids but it provided us with an opportunity to work as a whole group of participants unlike normal working days. the kids’ dances were better rehearsed than our already well-rehearsed one, which was swee4 (mz style). the dinner was exceptionally nice, esp the tang yuan which was made by the enrichment team (again) and Boon Siong, zhen zhi, eva and livia. it was proven nice by the taste expert (xiaopang) who gave positive comments like “they are chewy and smooth like my face”. we hope the dinner was sumptuous to the orphans as  they rarely have such delicacies.

moving on to the emotional part. considering it may be the last time that we will meet all of the orphans. some of us broke into tears. orphans seemed to understand that too and requested emails from us. orphans even went into the extent of giving some gifts which was very heartwarming as they already had limited allowance. (eg yunrong and lois ;p)

Adding on, there were alot of kissing scenes in kolap 4. think straight please. orphans were generous with their kisses and hugs showing how much we meant to them. sorry parents, we are unable to continue as tears well up in our eyes. thats the end to our emotional part.

Lastly, the day was made fun by a cute hairstyle of XIAOPANG that was done by the orphans, zhenzhi and mingzhu. and lois had a fun day sweeping the floor.

PS: we will be heading to widows island tomorrow to share more love in cambodia, WAAFFOOOO!




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