Day 5 Happenings

Hello everyone,

First up, a quick apologies for parents who had their Skype session dropped. The internet connection was strangely patchy yesterday, and it also caused some difficulty in the uploading of pictures from the past 2 days. We know that picture speaks a thousand words, so bear with us as we try to make up for the lack of pictures with the unique style of our various team members’ posts! But so far, the team has stayed free from any serious injuries, just one or two minor cuts that was handled competently by our team first aider Mingzhu! So rest assured that everyone is doing alright.

Today, the team made good progress, especially the storage team as they managed to produce 5 cupboards today! That’s great progress and they are getting really good at what they are doing! There was a group of international students who visited Kolap 4 today and Kolap 4 was just bustling with life and activity as the team played basketball, soccer and volleyball with the children and the international students.

For tomorrow, we will be spending our last day working at Kolap 4, and we are ending the day off with a BANG with a campfire and dance presentation! So we will be back slightly later than usual and the Skype session timing might have to be delayed.

For today, we have Qizhang and Seow Rong who will be posting about their experiences.

HARRRROOOOOOOOO PEOPLE!!!CAMBODIA WAS KINDA FUN and the kids are super cute! Anyway its your beloved Seow Rong and Qizhang here !^^

breakfast was as usual . eggs and more eggs – scrambled/ sunny side up/ omelette/ french toast and STOMACH-egg! NAH JUZ KIDDING!!. It was kinda boring. 

Storage team continued with the sawing, varnishing, drilling, blahblah~~~ of the  cupboards and we’re almost done with our 8th CUPBOARDS with much help from those nicey and cute cambodia kids and PRO adults! oh! and members from other team tried using the electric saw, including YUNRONG and LIVIA! have to admit that they are efficient and fast though despite their limited experience with the machines~~~~!!=)) thanks guys!!!WOOHOOO (:

Cleaning team conquered the heap of dust on the bed frames in the girl’s dorm as well KUDOS ;D OH! rats and more rats! kinda disgusting to see them kill those rats~~one of the rat’s eye almost popped out!WOAH!

thats pretty much marks the end of our serious work..and had alot of fun playing and interacting with the kids!=DD

on a side note , there were people from french international school in hongkong that came over to the orphanage ! CUTE GUYS &PRETTY GIRLS^^ !^played basketball with them and SINGAPORE WON!kinda no kick~~hahahahhahah!

they helped a teeny weeny bit while we sneak off to slack and play with the kids at the orphanage hahaha (:

Oh , lunch was macarroni with bolognese , kinda nice la..

BUT dinner was FANTASTIC ! some French buffet and the food is the best that we have had thus far!

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2 Responses to Day 5 Happenings

  1. chiou zll says:

    Jia You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope everything will be great!

  2. Wati Mustafa says:

    I am happy to read all that’s happening there. So Danish, we count on you to make a cupboard for yourself. Take care guys and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. 😉

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