Day 4 Happenings!

Today the work rolls on!

Quick updates from another two members of the team!

HELLO! THIS IS leslie AND julia!

Today, work was serious as usual and we resumed our work- the storage team continued wih the varnishing of the cupboards and the construction of our ambitious 6 other cupboards. and impressively, we completed 2 cupboards(despite the power failure).  As for the Hygiene group, they managed to finish sanding and re-paint all the bed frames with a fresh hue of blue paint! I’m sure the orphanage will much enjoy a fresh new vibe of colour viping in their dormitory.

we had ginger+garlic+chicken for lunch with some ”delicious” rock buns which most of us didn’t really appreciate.

Due to the power failure, we could not proceed with our work, hence we interacted with the teenagers through sports such as basketball, captain’s ball, volleyball and soccer.

since we have to focus on our work which does not include much communication with the teenagers, we are not able to forge strong friendship with them, which is a pity…

Overall, it was a tiring, yet fulfilling and fruitful day for everyone of us!

Even though it was a rather tiring day, the cambodian styled mutton soup steamboat dinner compensated the sweat and toil(+blood–> zilie for drilling). It was somewhere near our hotel and we sat beside a bunch of rowdy and noisy customers. We tried to beat them vocally, and we emerged victorious!!

Okay, it’s time for all of us to wash-up and plan for tomorrow. Hopefully, we will be able to make trememdous progress, meet our goals, and have a much much more fun at work and also at play with those kids. YAY

mingzhu and boonsiong encouraged and supported us ALLLLLL THE WAY 😀 Without them, we wouldn’t have our logistics bought so readily + sugarcane juice + good food!


Signing off,

Leslie & Julia (:

P.S. Apologies for the delay in updating the photos of participants each day, we will look to get it up as soon as possible.

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3 Responses to Day 4 Happenings!

  1. Wati Mustafa aka Mrs Tay says:

    Jia you!!!! You all have done an exceptionally good job. To Danish, we miss you.

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