Day 3 Happenings

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Today marks the day we start to put into action the plans we spent the past few weeks on, and though there were many unforeseen challenges that came up, we were able to rise up to the occasion by the end of the first day of work. The weather was hot and we had to constantly drink up to hydrate ourselves, and we were all tired out at the end of a day’s work. But there’s nothing like a nice buffet dinner with nice ambience at Jacob’s Well to rejuvenate our wearied body!

Without further delay, our participants’ post from Yun Rong and Eva!

Hello hello hello hello hello everybody! Waiting for our update right right right! Of course, fast speed action, WE ARE HERE. YAY. Today we worked very very hard! Our hygiene team woke up and went for breakfast first :DD We painted! We caught rats! We cleaned! We varnished! We moved! We interacted with the kids and especially the small kids, they’re so friendly. We love them and they love us! Most of the older ones were still shy. We will try our best to interact with EVERYBODY. We went to the Hello American School too, and we experienced how the Cambodian kids studied! Really different from Singapore, but not that cui actually. Some of the orphans went to the school too! The Cambodian kids were really happy with what they have actually, like. They very zhi1 zhu2 one.

Through our work, we get to know the cute orphans more as they are very willing to help us in whatever we are doing. (but rest assure we still did most of the work :D) Also, we all had an unique and special experience, RAT KILLING! Its not 1) eat poison, 2) collect corpse kind, its trap and squash and squeeze and pull type. Personally, i(yunrong) tried it and it took a few mins to squeeze a rat dead (~censored~). Although its a little inhumane, when everyone is giving the eee aww ooo owww, the orphans are happily laughing and joking around, maybe its just another daily task for them, who knows. On a more joyous note, everyone has really bonded to the orphans there, whenever we arrive in their sight, they will swarm around us, which really touch our hearts <33 Update you guys more tmr, time to bathe bye 😀

P.S. Ming Zhu and Boon Siong are very very nice people, who really care for us and try to get all the best food and stuff for us! + Dont worry about us, we can survive any stampedes 🙂

By Eva and Yunrong 😀

Stay tuned for pictures from today’s work!

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