Day 1&2 Happenings!

Hi all,

Just to inform you all that all is well after our second day in Cambodia. As most of you would have heard by now, there was a stampede in Phnom Penh, but rest assured that the team were not affected and all of us are safe and sound. Apologies for being unable to update the blog on the first day as we reached the hotel quite late. However, I do believe that most of you would have received a message or a skype call from your child on the first day.

Morale was high and the team were raring to go, carrying forward the momentum and energy from the first day which was evident as we filled the cabin with our chatters and laughters! The itinerary for the day included a visit to Kolap 4, where we will be spending the next 4 days doing service works. This is also the first opportunity for us to interact with the children, teenager and even adults at the orphanage. It was a blast and an extremely good experience for the team, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the company of the adorable children. More details will be shared by two members of our team in this blog post later.

We proceeded for a buffet lunch at an Indian Halal restaurant before heading to the S21 Museum, where we learnt more about the cruelty and brutality of the Pol Pot Regime, thereby gaining more insight into this land that we are working on. After the museum tour, we went to several shophouses and warehouse to purchase the different logistics matters that are required for our next few days of work. After a long day, we had a nice simple dinner at a Thai Restaurant before returning to the hotel.

Below we have some thoughts for today from two members of team, Danish and Livia!

First up, we have Danish;

HELLO! Danish here ^^ today was quite an easy day as we did not do much except for recce-ing the orphanage and having some fun on the bus. NO LA. Actually we did much more than that. In the morning, we had breakfast at the hotel and it was not very filling ): after that, we had a short introduction about Cambodia and the orphanage. When I heard about the stampede that happened the day before, I was very shocked O: thereafter, we headed to the orphanage to see the place and find out whether our plans could be carried out. Luckily, it could hehehehe. Then, we played around with the cute little kids who were as cute as me when I was a young boy. We left the orphanage sadly as we could not bear to leave the cute kids ^^ however, as grownups, we had to do what we had to do. Therefore, we boarded the bus with heavy hearts. We then headed off for lunch at a nearby halal Indian restaurant (don’t worry mum) and we had a good lunch and I ate quite a lot as I was a hungry boy. After that, we went to the S21 genocide museum to have a look see look see session and learn more about the history of Cambodia. I found it very interesting but the place super hot and scary as there were skulls and bloodstains which I did not get to see ): after that we headed to the nearby hardware shop and plastic-ware shop to buy what we needed to carry out our plans. We then went to a shopping centre to go to the supermarket to buy stuffs. We also had Swensen’s ice cream which is cheap and nice to eat and I ate it very quickly 😀 we then went for a thai “atas” dinner at the second floor that’s why its atas wkakakakakakakaka (if you not malay maybe you won’t understand). Mingzhu and boonsiong like cool only. That’s about it thanks for reading ^^ I love you mum and dad (L) im the best son on earth.

Next we have another post from Livia;

Hello everyone hehe! I’m Livia! Like what Danish said, today was quite an easy day, recce-ing and all. I love the kids at Kolap 4! They were so willing to play with us and interact with us, despite the language barrier and well, size HAHA. We were so much bigger than them even though we were all around the same age! They are so adorable and innocent! I can’t wait to see them tomorrow. Food provided today was superb, well better than anyone would’ve expected? Hahaha. The museum trip was really enriching! We learnt about the Pol Pot reign and the genocide. THE MARKET VERY COOOOL, IT’S NOT LIKE IN SINGAPORE! (I lazy explain hehe) Danish went into lots of details (and I’m not supposed to repeat them) so hehe my post will be real short! We’ll be having team sharing and discussion in a bit! (Mingzhu, Boonsiong and Zilie are awesome, keep finding good food for us and asking us to drink up/ put insect repellent, like doing our parents’ job only HAHA) I’m starting to feel at home already (NO MUMMY I’LL COME HOME HAHA DON’T WORRY) and tomorrow’ll definitely be more fun than today yay!


Do check back regularly for updates on what we are doing; we will try to update this blog daily to the utmost of our capability!

More photos here.

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