First Night

All 16 of us have safely arrived in Cambodia despite delays and the severe lack of sleep. Thank God none of our luggage went lost and arrangements went smoothly.

We were picked up by our NGO host Serena and also met our faithful translator Anna, before proceeding to hunker down at our 3-star hotel, Townville 2 hotel. Currently, i am using the dependable internet-enabled desktops to type this draft while the participants are using the wifi to Skype their parents.

We achieved our 2 main priorities of meeting the orphans, doing a final reconnaissance trip of the orphanage and also buying some logistics to facilitate the major clean-up of the orphanage tomorrow.

We had a nice steamboat dinner as a team before proceeding to team sharing about the day’s experiences and also a meeting about tomorrow’s work plan. Seeing that most participants were tired, we dismissed early for the night at 8pm (Cambodia time) and encouraged participants to make good use of the time to have a good rest tonight.

This is my third trip to the orphanage but i am personally still touched and inspired by the orphans’ personal choice. They are living in deplorable living and studying conditions but most of them choose to greet life (and us) with a hug and a smile. They choose to study at night despite the stifling heat, the dim lighting, the swarming mosquitoes and the lack of motivation to do well in studies.

This is Nageis with one of our favourite orphans. She is deaf and dumb but never fails to choose to smile

From the short sharing we had as a team, it is evident that many lives have already begun to be touched, both our Singaporean youths and also the Cambodian orphans. This is simply the start of a journey, which shall not end when we return to sunny Singapore on 26th June 2010. I know there have been many young Singaporean lives who have been changed since Dec 2009 and might even be reading this post right now, with much interest about the progress of the orphanage and the orphans.

This blog is dedicated to parents of participants, previous and current participants, donors and all who have invested a little of their heart into the orphans of Kolap 4 orphanage.

Here are some photos that we took today.

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3 Responses to First Night

  1. qiuyan says:

    hope you all are having fun there!:D must make the best use of time there.
    and i really miss kolap 4 and the children there!):
    so glad to see familiar faces!
    do post more photos, and thankyou so much for the fast update!:D

    • Kewl, a comment!

      yepyep we are having a ton of fun here, too much fun i think haha. As Day 1 passes on i think we realise how fast a single day passes when you’re hard at work and also playing with the orphans. We will treasure every moment here. I seem to have fallen in love with this country and people a second time.

      I know you miss the children. Here. All of them remember you guys actually. The chinese names are harder for them to remember but they can remember the english names. Your letter worked wonders as the photos reminded them of our entire team and boon rong definitely remembered you. He was my faithful helper today, along with peirre haha. I used a translator to encourage him to reply your letter and i think he will heheh

      • qiuyan says:

        haha, omg! really? he remembered?:D:D you have no idea how often we check on this blog! lols. really amazed with th idea of the bball post! haha xD enjoyy the stay there and take care!:D

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